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My Goals for 2019

Yes, I'm aware that it's the end of January already, meaning that 1/12 of the year is already gone! Seriously, where has the time gone? We've had a crazy busy month, and I'm just now able to sit down and brain dump, sort through my thoughts and get my goals down on paper.

This year I hope to be one of intentionality, both personally and in my business. I want to take this year captive and shape it, influence it, at least as much as a finite human is capable of! They warn you before you get married and have kids that time will speed up, and they're not wrong. I don't know if it's just that I have more on my to-do list now, or if tiny humans are somehow time sucking beings, but I'm pretty sure the days are shorter now. I want to use the time I do have to the best that I possible can.

It's important to have two things when setting goals however: a clear plan and accountability. That's where I find that writing things down is so helpful! Emptying your mind of all your hopes and dreams, writing it down on something tangible, creating steps to reach your goals, then sharing it somewhere either publicly or privately, greatly increases your chances of actually reaching those goals.

Having loftier goals, such as a trip to Europe, finishing school, or learning a new language, are also good, but don't think of them as short term goals, but long term or 5 year goals. Create smaller, easier to reach goals under them, and that goal will be reached sooner than you know!

Anyways, I digress. Here are my goals for 2019, and be sure to share YOUR goals below in the comments!

Business Goals

  • Book 6 - 10 weddings for 2019-2020

  • Read 12 business related books

  • Blog 2x a week

  • Post on social media 2-3x a week

Personal Goals

  • Do at least one self care action a day

  • Declutter as it comes in; if it doesn't spark joy, don't keep it!

  • Focus on My Word Of The Year: Trust

  • Have a set "device free time" every day

  • One of my husband and I's biggest goals this year is to become homeowners!

Marriage Goals

  • More intentional date nights, specifically at least once a month.

  • Listen through 12 audiobooks together

  • Take at least one weekend getaway from work & the kids this year

Parenting Goals

  • Have intentional play time with the kids every day

  • Start reading aloud in the evenings before bed time

  • Institute family Bible time every morning

In the Next Five Years

As I said above, it's important to have more long-term goals, so here are a few of my Five Year Goals:

  • Be making 20k a year from my business

  • Have another child, maybe two.

  • Pay off our outstanding debt

  • Start homeschooling our oldest

There you have it! Obviously these don't go into great detail, but I hope to follow a good bit of them up with a blog post explaining more about each specific goal, as well as the steps I set to help reach them. Be sure to share below in the comments what your goals are!

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