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My Word Of The Year

This year's Word Of The Year (WOTY) did not come as easily to me as last year's did. Perhaps it was just because 2018 flew by so quickly and I didn't have as much time to think about it, or perhaps I just needed more time to come to terms with the enormity of choosing the word that I did!

For those of you who are new to the concept of WOTY, it's basically the idea of choosing a theme word and centering your life & goals for the year around that word. As an example, a fellow blogger that I follow has chosen both the word "Yes" and the word "No" at different points in her life. The year of Yes, she tried to say "Yes" to more things - "yes" to her kids, "yes" to spontaneous adventures, "yes" to her church, friends, and family, "yes" to stepping out of the box and trying new things. Contrarily, during the year of "No" she focused more on self care and rest by saying "no" to a lot of things.

It can be any sort of word that you want. Some choose adjectives, like "Busy" or "Happy". Others choose nouns: Truth. Generosity. Kindness. Still others choose verbs, such as Believe, Become, Dream, Hold, Meet. Check out My One Word for some more ideas.

Some believe that you should choose your word based off of what you want to accomplish that year. Other say that God, a higher power, fate, etc. will gift you a word. I personally choose something in between. I know God influences my decision, but I have chosen my words based off of where I feel and hope the year is going to go.

Last year my chosen word was GROW, and to be completely honest, I didn't follow through with it like I should have. Ironic, I know. But I do feel like it was helpful. I wanted to focus on growing my business and myself personally, and that did happen! It's even spilling over into this year - I've found someone to mentor me and I've scheduled some continuing education so that I'm always offering my clients the best that I can. AND!! I added my husband to my photography team as a second shooter. My business grew in the best kind of way <3

This year I chose the word TRUST.

Such a deep, meaningful word.

Trust in my spouse. That he will continue to be there for me, supporting me in my business & in our family like he always has. Trust that he will make the right decisions. Even just a more general, overall trust...I did marry him for a reason!

Trust in myself. I am just as capable as anyone else out there at succeeding in my goals & dreams. I can choose to work towards being a good mother and a good spouse. I can tackle anything life throws my way with my God and my family by my side.

Trust in God. Trust that His plan for me this year is greater than I could ever dream of, that He gave all the joys & wins to me. But also Trust that He's working through the lows that are an inevitable part of life.

Trust in my chosen support group. The friends & family that will surround me with loving guidance and encouragement.

But also trust the process. Success in anything does not come overnight! Trust that regardless of what happens this year, it will be a good year because I can choose to think of it as so.

I changed my background on my phone to a wallpaper a friend of mine created (check out Freedom Letters; she's awesome). She's actually the one who helped cement in my mind that Trust was the right word, though I don't think she knows it yet! I was scrolling through her Instagram Story and as soon as I saw it, I was like, "That's it. That's the word!"

It's good to keep your word somewhere highly visible. You might write it out and pin it to your wall next to your desk. I'll probably attach it to my bathroom mirror so it's the first thing I see every day. Some people like their word so much they get it tattooed! (No thanks, lol)

I'll try to update everyone again in December with how I feel my word affected my year!

Okay, your turn! What's your word of the year? And where are you putting it so you see it all the time?

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