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Austin & Grace | Fun & Casual Engagement Session | Chesterfield, Missouri

The first time I heard of Austin, it was when my sister in law very casually mentioned that she was going on an outing with a guy she met at work. I asked her, "So a date?" to which she replied, " I don't know. He just asked if I'd like to drive down into town with him to the music store."

Of course, the mother hen in me instantly stepped in, "Girl, don't let a guy play with your heart! You need to call him out and outright ask him!" "Oh, I know, I know. I'll ask him."

Well, for not knowing the status of what the relationship was initially, they sure hit it off, and as they say, the rest is history.

Months later when Austin approached us about photographing his proposal, we were so honored that they'd include us in such a special moment. Despite the few hiccups we ran into, it went off fabulously, with her completely surprised and not having any clue what we all had been scheming!

Even though we won't be the photographers for their wedding (we're going to be participating as guests for once!), we insisted on getting out and having fun with an engagement shoot, and as you can see in the video below, we all had a blast.

Grace & Austin, thanks again for including us in on so many of your adventures, and we can't wait to celebrate with you next month when you tie the knot!

Here are a few highlights from their session :)

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