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First Looks: What are they!?

Before your big day one of the few things we ask you to do is fill out a wedding day timeline questionnaire. It's filled with simple, gently probing questions that help us determine how much time we need to allot to each set of your photos, for example, family photos, bridal party photos, ceremony, etc. From that info and together with your coordinator, we will create a personal wedding day timeline for you that details who needs to be where and at what time. This allows us a schedule to stick to, and for you, a straightforward and stress-free day!

One of the things we'll ask you about is whether you and your fiancé would like to do a First Look. We can't suggest adding this to your day enough!! Today we'll talk about what exactly a First Look is.

Traditionally vs. Alternatively

First let's talk about what is done traditionally. Traditionally, your groom won't see you at all on your wedding day until the music plays and you walk down the aisle. From midnight the night before until you walk down the aisle, perhaps all day if you planned an evening ceremony, you'll be separate from your fiancé.

Some say its bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. Others say this is a remnant from a bygone era when arranged marriages were common, and it was practiced so the groom would go through with the marriage regardless of the bride's size, identity, or appearance.

So what's the alternative? Named simplistically, an organized "First Look".

It can look however you'd like, but the main concept is that at a prearranged time and place, the two of you meet together privately, after getting ready, but BEFORE the ceremony. Details will look totally different depending on the couple. Some do their First Look early in the day so they can have lunch and get some pictures out of the way before the ceremony. Others choose to have it shortly before the ceremony just so they can get rid of those pre-wedding jitters. A good friend of ours and his fiancee chose to share their first kiss together before the ceremony too, so that they didn't have the pressure of being in front of everyone for that.

Either way, there are multiple reasons why we recommend you consider having a First Look!

Stay tuned for part 2 - "First Looks: Why We Think You Should Plan One!"

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